A JavaScript programmer is a specialist who uses many paradigm programming languages ​​(mainly scripted) in his work. Using JS allows you to make the product more dynamic and interesting. The profession is suitable for those who are interested in mathematics and computer science.

The search for JavaScript programming language is growing rapidly. In 2018, he was one of the top rankers in international popularity ratings. This is not surprising because JavaScript capabilities are expanding and this is the best solution for people who are just beginning to learn to programme.

JavaScript has a number of competitive advantages:

⦁ almost all modern browsers support JavaScript;
⦁ a wide range of applications;
⦁ a large selection of useful features;
⦁ the relative ease of study.

This programming language has many areas of application:

⦁ Web application client;
⦁ server applications;
⦁ use in AJAX, Comet;
⦁ application in browser OS development and application software, custom browser scripts;
⦁ office application automation, gadgets and engine deployment.
⦁ JavaScript has earned the love of front-end developers. Experts note the scientific value of JavaScript, it is recommended for studying in school.

Characteristics of the profession

JavaScript programmers (not to be confused with Java) have been, and continue to be, indispensable professionals in the job market, doing the following amount of work:
⦁ code development for software companies;
⦁ correcting or refining existing code;
⦁ maintaining the product’s workability;
⦁ debugging and debugging;
⦁ interaction with testers, web designers and other members of the development team.

JavaScript programmer has a deep knowledge of HTML and CSS, the experience is required to be successful in this field. The talented programmer, after successfully working as an intern for 1 year, can apply for a more interesting and well-paid job.

Pros and Cons


  • The high popularity of the JS language.
  • Opportunity for self-start training; courses, specialized forums and literature are also available. The latter is not a reliable source, as information is rapidly losing its relevance due to the introduction of innovation.
  • Prospects for remote work. You can also work in an office, in which case the employer often makes transportation costs, paying for accommodation for developers not from the settlement.
  • The training can be combined with practical activities.
  • The profession is suitable for introverts with a technical mentality.
  • Developers are a separate intellectual unit, the demand for their services and fees is increasing every year.


  • There is high competition in the segment.
  • Long and difficult training.
  • Overly active and impulsive people cannot always withstand the monotonous rhythm of work.
  • Continuous training is required, otherwise, the JavaScript programmer loses his or her value as a specialist.
  • A prerequisite – excellent command of technical English, the latter having to be studied separately.

Important personal qualities

JavaScript programmers spend too much time in front of their computers, which of course affects their character. They are very meticulous people who can concentrate, they can look for mistakes in the code for hours. At the same time, JS programmers are required to be competent, as communication with clients and developers will have to be very frequent. The ability to properly allocate responsibilities and plan work schedules is important.


JavaScript developers will be able to find jobs in agencies involved in creating, debugging, maintaining various sites, web products. You can work remotely or make formal employment choices by focusing on your own characteristics and desires. Please note that it is difficult for a developer without trying to find a job. Once you have a specialist education, be sure to follow some simple or free projects that you can use in your portfolio in the future.

Who is a JavaScript programmer?