Which job is better? Unix System Administrator or Java Developer?

Which job is better? Unix System Administrator or Java Developer? It depends on what you like and what you want.

In my opinion, developers are usually paid better than system administrators. Also, after a few years of experience, developers can more easily move to another department, such as a developer may move as a product manager or team manager. As a Unix system administrator, unless the company capital is large, there are only a few people working as system administrators. So working as a manager can be a little fun.

That being said, be true to yourself. The chances of you excelling in your career are high if you work in the field you like best. Also, in the IT field, every job is painful, so choose the job that you think is most attractive to you.

It is difficult to find people who can do decent coding and have a fair level of exposure at the system level. Currently, it has a large role in the industry and is in huge demand. I’m not sure about the future. Reading the question and describing it may be a good career choice, but you need to work in more languages.

Working as a Unix System Administrator is quite “transactional” and you will often be called to handle emergencies. Sometimes the job will be almost “boring” as you improve operating systems, install and configure new hardware, test downtown, create local networks, mail servers, configure telephony, data server, backup, etc.

System administrators are highly appreciated and in many places well paid as they are responsible for the performance of servers and PCs, video surveillance, data storage, ensuring the smooth running of various services.

Software work is project-based. Your work will be more methodical and “regular”. From time to time there will be a “fast must do”, but most of the work will follow the usual model of office work.

Most sysadmins can code, and few Java developers have a good understanding of operating systems. Solve sysadmin or coding jobs where you can combine your operating system and programming knowledge to create an organization that typically uses Unix OS to run Java applications. But don’t just mess with Java. Try languages ​​like Python, Perl, C #, or C ++. Whatever it is, you need to love programming and use it to your advantage.

Java is a modern and sought-after programming language, but not everyone is given programming. Working hours are standard hours and work is monotonous. The system administrator is emerging as a profession and becoming more sought after. The work is dynamic. It requires creative thinking and quick handling of problems that arise such as denying a service (mail, FTP, web, network). But part of the time, you can engage inside activities such as Java learning, for example.

I can draw the following conclusions: It would be good for a person to try less and find out what attracted him the most. If you have the necessary knowledge in both fields, the pay is good.

Which job is better? Unix System Administrator or Java Developer?
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