What is the minimum set of knowledge of a person applying for a system administrator job? Certainly at least minimal knowledge of the user and operating systems, an idea of ​​how networks work, some knowledge of IT security, and the ability to solve many problems for ordinary users.

Here are some of the things a beginner system administrator should know.

Adding computers to the domain. If you can add a computer to a workgroup, you need to know how to turn on a Windows computer in the domain. This is a must skill. Also, you need to know how to cache read data on your computer. This is especially important for laptops.

Solve print problems. Printers, this is a real curse. Even if everything is set up correctly with the print, problems persist. You need to know how to troubleshoot LAN problems and also be able to separate the printer from the Windows registry in case of serious problems with your computer.

Load in safe mode. There are times when you need to start your computer in safe mode. If you don’t know-how your place is not in the IT department. You Need To Know How To Load In Safe Mode With Network Support To Eliminate Unrecoverable Computer Problems Is Normal Mode.

Installation of the operating system. This is another important system administrator skill. At a minimum, you need to know how to install Windows 7/8, Windows Server, Linux, and Mac OS. You also need to be able to install multiple operating systems on one computer and adjust the load.

Active Directory User Management. You have to constantly work with Active Directory – to add, delete, edit, lock or unlock profiles, or just reset passwords. If you cannot configure Active Directory, networking will be very difficult.

Server password reset. This is not always easy. There are times when an administrator password on a computer that is not part of the Active Directory domain needs to be changed. You also need to know how to change the password on a Linux or Mac OS computer.

Create and configure an Outlook profile. Sometimes the only way to resolve an Outlook problem is to remove the account. On computers running Windows, this is a common occurrence, so you need to know how to remove or create an Outlook account.

Playing CHKDSK. The equipment breaks. You may need to check the hard disk for errors on the file system at some point. To do this, you need to know how to use CHKDSK during booting, including automatic error correction.

Windows Server backup. A beginner system administrator must know how to back up a Windows Server and configure it in Task Scheduler.

Clear disk space C. If disk C is full, expect trouble, especially on the server. Disc C should be cleaned periodically. To do this, there are various tools, CCleaner, which removes temporary files, or WinDirStat, which shows which files take up valuable disk space.

What should a novice system administrator know?