Everyone knows what a programmer is. Nowadays, the time of high technology, the profession of programmer will always be in great demand, since in almost every job, in every position, computer skills are very necessary and without them, you will not be able to work productively.

If we talk about the origins of the programmer’s profession, the first programmers appeared around the second half of the twentieth century, so you can safely say that the programmer’s profession is one of the youngest.

Programmers even have an official holiday on September 13 (September 12 in a leap year) and it’s no coincidence that they chose it in 2009. The answer is: increasing the number 2 to eighth and this reflects the number of different values ​​that can be stored in one byte. Well, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the programmer profession.

Let’s start by listing the benefits of the programmer profession:

⦁ Search. As mentioned above, in the days of high technology with knowledge of computer science and computer science, many paths will be open to you. The main thing is to really have the knowledge, not to create the illusion of others.
⦁ Salary. If you talk only about programming, you can earn very well. Home visits to diagnose computer software are not cheap, and if there is some damage, if there is a part that needs to be replaced, then you can make good money with one visit.
⦁ Self-education. If you have serious math skills, then completing a technical university will give you a good base and foundation to master the profession of a programmer.
⦁ Growth in the career ladder. Here you can say briefly, the possibilities are unlimited. The more you study and practice, the higher you rise, everything depends on you.
⦁ Remote work. In other words, you are your own boss. It is not your relationships that are valued, but the knowledge and ability to handle any problem in the technique.

Despite all these advantages, there are of course disadvantages to the profession:

⦁ The amount of work. Imagine being an employee of a large company and it is scary to imagine how much data you will have to work with and how long it will take.
⦁ Schedule. The schedule is such a profession is not standardized. Sometimes there is a lot of work and there is no time to finish it, other times it is completely quiet. No programmer is immune to this.
⦁ Competition. Now everyone thinks programmers are in high demand, that’s true, but programmers are getting more and more. In this case, the fight for customers begins. If you have a reputation for being a good programmer with reasonable service prices, with good recommendations and reviews you can get a very good clientele. But it also takes time, a year, a few years.
⦁ Lifestyle. In the profession of programmer, lifestyle is always passive. On this basis there are various health problems: first of all the spine suffers, then the weakening of the muscles and so on. But vision suffers most. The eyes are constantly on the screen with numbers, letters and different symbols.
⦁ Linguistic. Because many works use English sources.

To be a good specialist you have to study for a long, long time because the high technologies do not stand still and different updates appear every day.

If in describing all the pros and cons of the programmer’s profession, the choice is still to be a programmer, then you should consider the qualities that every good programmer must possess:

⦁ the future programmer at school is keen on mathematics and computer science;
⦁ is able to focus on a specific task;
⦁ has a tendency and love for technical subjects and professions;
⦁ solves complex technical problems with great pleasure.

Today, the profession of a programmer is a set of certain personality traits:

⦁ Patience. There will be a lot of work to do, so patience alone will allow you to do everything quality;
⦁ Perseverance. Often, customers do not understand the seriousness of technology problems and only persistence will convince them that repair is essential for further productive work;
⦁ Responsibility. The technique can be broken down as easily as the repair performed, the responsibility for its actions, the programmer provides, for example, with the quality repair of the equipment;
⦁ Independence and the ability to achieve the goal.

Soon no business can go without computerization and software, so we can safely say that the profession of programmer has been and remains the most promising and sought after today and in the future.

Pros and cons of being a programmer
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