Don’t delay and order a mobile version of the site!

An increasing number of webmasters and web resource owners are realizing the importance of a mobile version of the site and are implementing it in their projects. However, not everyone can boast of adaptability.

Also, even between sites with a mobile version of the site, it is difficult to find a project that is 100% optimized for smartphones and tablets. The main problem is poor usability, which is not considered for users of portable devices.

It seems as though the adaptive version was made for one purpose only – just to have it. At the same time, usability remains in the background.

 If you own an internet project, pick up your smartphone and visit your resource right now. Are you completely satisfied with what you see? If not, then it’s time to order a mobile version of the site. This should be done now, as the mobile Internet in Bulgaria is developing at an accelerated pace. It’s impossible to ignore an audience that actively uses smartphones and tablets.

How to make a mobile version of the site?

There are two main ways:

⦁ Development of a separate website, fully optimized for smartphones and located on a subdomain. When the user opens the page, the device type is determined and the desktop or mobile version of the site is displayed.
⦁ Adapt the existing resource to different resolutions (adaptive or, as they say, responsive design plus responsive layout). In this case, the main content is automatically adjusted to the screen width.
There is another option – a dynamic layout. But it is much less commonly used, so we will not clarify it.

The adaptive layout has been used more and more in the construction of the site lately, as there are many advantages:

⦁ Easy to perform: less work, less cost.
⦁ Creating separate subdomains is not required.
⦁ Unified content and equal search engine optimization.
Of course, each project must be considered separately: sometimes it makes sense to create a separate mobile site on a subdomain. But believe me, for most websites on the internet, the responsive layout will be the best option.

How to develop an adaptive version?

Where do we start to adapt to our mobile site? We look at several steps:

⦁ Development of a prototype of a future adaptive version. At this point, you need to consider what the pages of your smartphone and tablet look like. Namely: what blocks and elements should be brought to the fore, how the pages would be shaped, etc. A technical assignment is prepared for the designer and the coder.
⦁ Adaptive design. The prototype, created earlier, gets its visual layout. Retrieve mobile-specific items: hamburger menu, compact icons, and more.
⦁ Design. Based on the developed design, an adaptive layout of the existing site is made.
⦁ Running and testing. After the work is done, you should test the site on screens with different resolutions. This can be done with the help of special services, but the best option is to find a few smartphones and tablets and watch the result live.

For many engines (CMS) there are special applications, plugins and add-ons that allow you to quickly create a mobile version of an already running resource. However, you should understand that the plugin simply takes the existing content of the site and automatically adjusts it on different screens. At the same time, usability and user-friendliness often suffer.

Also, for almost all CMS there are customizable templates (themes) that can be found on the Internet (they can be paid and free) and installed on your website. You will get adaptability, but in most cases, it needs to be finalized to provide maximum convenience for owners of portable devices.

However, if you choose not to dig the codes yourself, you can order a mobile version of the site from a specialist. SEO MAX offers services for adapting your website to mobile devices. The value of the work is assessed individually. To find out the details and how much it costs, contact us via a contact phone or write via the contact form on the Contacts page. Be sure to include the address of your resource!

Don’t delay and order a mobile version of the site!
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