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Don’t delay and order a mobile version of the site!

An increasing number of webmasters and web resource owners are realizing the importance of a mobile version of the site and are implementing it in their projects. However, not everyone can boast of adaptability. Also, even between sites with a mobile version of the site, it is difficult to find a project that is 100% […]

How to increase trust on the site and what is the impact?

To increase trust on the site, we need to work on the content of the site, as banal as it sounds. But trust will not be boosted by just one link or internal optimization, it is a complex plan of action that will not be implemented in a month or a year. Website Trust is […]

Design as a powerfull sale tool

Apple, Braun, BMW, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks – these are just a few examples of companies that have bet on design and thanks to this they have become leaders in their industries. Worldwide experience clearly shows that design has long been not only one of the main competitive advantages but a complete sales tool. Why […]