For the first time, the IT sphere is in the first place in the ranking of the most sought after industries with a rapidly increasing number of employees. The focus is on blockchain and AI experts. What other IT professions will emerge and develop?

Many companies have already started looking for high-level IT professionals. The excitement around them will continue for the next five years. This is due to the strict penetration of information technology in all spheres of human life.

What IT professions are you looking for now or will appear in the next five years?

Mobile developer

The IT profession that has been popular in recent years continues to be a leader in the rankings of popular professions. We are surrounded by many applications for daily life and work, for sports and nutrition, for travel and leisure. The trend will continue. Also, companies and brands strive to make applications for their needs. Demand for mobile developers continues to grow.

Project Manager

If part of the work can be replaced by robots and automation, then management functions continue to be performed by humans. In the development team, the manager will become the liaison responsible for product performance and quality. According to scientists, there will be millions of such jobs in 2020. And, importantly, highly paid.

Ux designer

The hygienic minimum for anyone who creates projects is the talented UX designer. Modern applications, websites and other interfaces follow one rule: usability is as important as design. The competent UX specialist designs the user experience in a clear and logical interface.

If information technology continues to evolve, clear and comprehensible projects will push the inconvenient.

Mobile marketer

It’s not about the freedom of movement for professionals, it’s about functional responsibilities. The development of ad formats on the web, social networks and programming technologies have created a demand for experts in these fields. Trends in the automation of the procurement process and advertising only increase the need for specialists in this area.

Data Scientist

No category of the profession is complete without artificial intelligence professionals. Futurologists suggest that robots will soon become an integral part of the business and social life. Machine learning will continue to evolve and no project will survive without a data analyzer.

IoT engineer

In 2009, the number of devices in the world outstripped the Earth’s population. This provokes the need to integrate surrounding things and objects into one network without human intervention. Internet engineers can turn the chaos of the surrounding space into a clear algorithm. The beginning of such interfaces is marked by the introduction of smart homes, businesses and industries. Most of the work being done now is Western


Millions of market data and information should be streamlined for decision making. Businesses of the future must now learn how to handle massive data. Specialists who know and can work with hundreds of figures will receive higher positions and salaries. The best IT professions will include people who can structure and analyze big data resources.

Cloud service integrator

To reduce the amount of information stored, companies need to move their processes to the cloud in the future. Cloud service integrators can handle such tasks. They will look for the optimal balance between data storage and budget.

Digital skills

The future is for professionals who are ready to deploy information technology in their field. Competition between employees will be triggered by the “here and now” problem-solving competition. The merger of professional competencies and advanced IT knowledge will play a crucial role.

Cybersecurity and Network Lawyer

Combining the virtual and human world will lead to the need for the legal regulation of relationships. Legal protection of a person on the web is impossible without lawyers. Of course, the latter cannot be done without the knowledge of virtual environment design laws.

The keynote of human development will be multilateralism and multitasking. Without knowing the basics of programming, developing artificial intelligence, one will be beyond the bounds of demand.

When answering the question “What specialities are sought?”, It turns out that priority is given to employees working at the crossroads in two areas: professional and information.

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